5 Tips For Encouraging Your Child To Brush His Teeth

If you want your child to develop healthy permanent teeth, it is very important to teach good oral hygiene habits early on. Encouraging your child to brush his teeth will help prevent cavities and other oral health problems. Here are five great tips for encouraging your child to brush his teeth.

Buy Your Child Flavored Toothpaste

Many children do not like the taste of regular toothpaste, so consider buying your child a flavored toothpaste. For example, you could buy your little one bubblegum or strawberry flavored toothpaste. If your child knows that his toothpaste will taste yummy, he will be more excited to brush his teeth. However, make sure your child completely spits out the toothpaste after he is done brushing his teeth.

Set A Good Example

If you want your child to brush his teeth regularly, you have to set a good example. Make sure your little one sees you brushing your teeth thoroughly twice a day. Show your pearly whites off to your child frequently and let him know how great it is to have a healthy smile.

Sing a Song

Another good way to encourage your child to brush his teeth is to sing a song during the process. This will make toothbrushing more exciting for your little one. Choose a kid-friendly song that is about two minutes long and sing it with him as he brushes his teeth.

Give Your Child A Fun Toothbrush

Using a plain toothbrush all the time can get boring for a child, so give yours special toothbrushes that are decorated with his favorite movie characters. If you do this, your child may see his toothbrush as a toy and enjoy brushing his teeth more.

Create a Rewards Chart

Offering fun rewards can also encourage your kid to brush his teeth every day. Give your child a sticker every time he brushes his teeth without being reminded. Once he acquires 10 stickers, give him a reward.

Brush With a Stuffed Animal

A fun way to encourage your child to brush his teeth is to brush with a stuffed animal. Let your child brush his stuffed animal's teeth as well as his own. This way, he will be a little more excited when he brushes his teeth.

If you making the toothbrushing process fun for your child, he will not dread it. Always compliment your child after he brushes his teeth by himself. Talk to your pediatric dentist, like Russell Pollina, DDS, for more tips on helping children develop the healthiest habits for their teeth.