Why Your Dentist Is Sending You To An Oral Surgeon

Hearing that a dentist isn't in a position to deal with a problem can come as a shock to many patients. When surgery is required for many types of conditions in and around the mouth, it's not uncommon for a dentist to refer a patient to an oral surgeon. A dental surgeon is a specialist who handles work that calls for incisions, working near the bone and other tasks that demand specialized equipment and training.

Treatment Options for a Sprained Ankle

One of the more common types of sports injuries is a sprained ankle. You can sprain your ankle playing a variety of sports or just when you're running if you happen to land just right on your foot and twist your ankle. Sprained ankles aren't always serious, but your doctor will probably advise you to rest until your ankle heals even with a mild sprain. Here's a look at some treatments for a sprained ankle.

4 Dietary Guidelines To Follow After Weight Loss Surgery

If you have struggled to successfully lose weight and keep it off, weight loss surgery is a great tool to help you make the dietary changes you need to reach a healthy weight. The type of weight loss surgery that your doctor recommends will depend on how much weight you need to lose and your personal comfort level. Certain procedures are more effective at boosting your weight loss, but they may have a higher chance of surgical complications.

Awkward Prostate Moments And What It Means For Your Health

Males have their awkward moments in puberty, but they have equally awkward situations later in life as well. It helps to stay informed about genital issues so that you do not feel quite so uncomfortable when these things occur. The following examples are awkward prostate moments and what these moments mean to your health.  Your Sexual Partner(s) Feel(s) Something Large and Lumpy Behind Your Scrotum During intimate moments where your partner explores your genitals, he or she may find a lump behind your scrotum and in front of your anus.

3 Ways PRP Therapy Can Work on Your Weight

Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP therapy) is a very promising procedure that could have several practical applications regarding your health. It's already used in many healing treatment programs for athletes, and while the technique is still somewhat experimental, it's been showing fairly positive results for many people. Some of the results are not direct effects but secondary effects as the therapy helps another aspect of your health. This makes sense when you see how the therapy affects issues like your weight.

4 Ways To Use Coolsculpting To Reshape Your Figure

Coolsculpting is an affordable and popular option to eliminate unwanted areas of fat. The steady, natural-looking results achieved with this procedure can reshape your body in various ways. Chest Reduction Although most cosmetic procedures are discussed as they relate to women, men can benefit from procedure. The development of breast tissue or accumulation of fat in the chest can give the unwanted look of breasts. Although weight loss, if applicable, may be helpful, the problem may not resolve completely.