Staying Fit While Working Non-Stop

If you have a job where you work many hours, you know how hard it is to find time in your schedule to exercise. Exercise is an important part of life to keep a person healthy, and you should try to incorporate at least 150 minutes of exercise into your schedule each week. Here are some ideas you can use to start getting exercise into your routine if you are at work more often than you are not.

Use Your Lunch Hour

If you don't have a lot of time to do exercise, you can try to use your lunch break to take a brisk walk or do some light aerobics in your office. Keep a spare set of clothing in your desk to change into and do your exercise before you eat your food so you do not feel rushed when eating. If you have an entire hour for your lunchtime, you will have plenty of time to do some exercising and eat during the break.

Sign Up For A Corporate Wellness Program

If your company participates in a corporate wellness program, you may be able to get flex-time for exercise. Ask your human resource manager what type of program your corporation is enrolled in and see if the benefits will allow you to incorporate exercise into your workday. Corporate wellness programs will also offer other incentives such as healthy food choices on the premises of your workplace. For more information, visit

Join An Evening Class

See if your local school has an exercise program where you could use their equipment or participate in a group exercise class. Many schools offer programs from weight-lifting to swimming at their facilities at a very low cost to public members living within the school district. If you make a commitment to join a class, you are more apt to follow through with sticking to an exercise schedule.

Join A Gym

There are some chain brand gyms that offer services at their facilities 24 hours a day. Decide if stopping by after or before work would better suit your needs and make a plan to do so a few times a week. Keep a gym back with your clothing in your vehicle. You will be able to make the gym a part of your daily routine, fitting it in before you go to the office or using it as a reward after a hard day of working.