Important Reasons To Choose To Use A Midwife

Are you pregnant and currently expecting your first child? Are you trying to decide whether to have a birth in the hospital or whether you want to hire a midwife and have it at home? While there's nothing wrong with a hospital birth, there are several reasons why women choose to have their child born at home. Some of the most popular reasons for this include:

Amount of attention: With a hospital birth, you're expected to see the doctor about once a month while you're pregnant. Once it's actually time to give birth in the hospital, you may be left alone with your spouse or significant other for seemingly long periods of time while the doctors and nurses wait for you to progress to full labor. But with a midwife, the process is a little different. Instead of going to them, a midwife will often come to your home, where you're more comfortable, to examine you and see how your baby is doing. When it's time for the birth, the midwife will stay with you throughout the labor to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible and to assure you that things are progressing well.

Aesthetic comfort: How a place looks or feels can be nearly as important as what is done at that location. By design, most hospital rooms feel sterile and aren't always the most inviting. Whether you notice it consciously or not, this may have an impact on your anxiety levels while you're giving birth. By contrast, your own home will obviously be much more friendly and inviting. Because it's your own home, you'll feel extremely comfortable. Should you decide later on that you actually don't want a home birth, a midwife can offer a third option: a birthing center.  Unlike a sterile hospital, a birthing center should be cozy, inviting, and remind you of home. But like a hospital, the birthing center will have all of the tools and equipment that your midwife might need during the delivery.

Final cost: Bringing a baby into the world can be expensive. If you have it at a regular hospital, you could be looking at thousands of dollars for even an ordinary delivery with no complications. Because they're not needing to support a large fancy hospital with many doctors, a midwife's fees are often significantly lower than that of the hospital. Should you happen to not have insurance at this time, a midwife may even be willing to allow you to make reasonable payments while such arrangements might be much harder to make with your nearest hospital.