Is Your Spouse Having Surgery But You Can't Afford To Miss A Ton Of Work? What To Do

If your spouse is having surgery and you aren't sure how long it's going to take for them to recover, but you can't afford to take an extended time away from work, there are some services you'll want to look into. You'll want to talk with your insurance provider, and go over your budget with your spouse, to see what you can afford to do when it comes to getting your spouse help. Here are a few different questions you'll want to have answers to before your spouse goes under the knife and has surgery completed.

How Long is the Hospital Stay?

The amount of time that your spouse has to stay in the hospital, which should be covered by insurance, may affect how much time you have to take off work. You may want to go back to work while they are still healing in the hospital, since they already have around the clock care and you aren't going to be a necessity for them at that time. Know before you check in what the approximate discharge date from the surgery should be.

How Much Is Assisted Living Care?

It may be easiest to move your spouse into an assisted living care that is also a rehabilitation facility while they heal, and then you can visit after or before work each day. Then when they are strong enough to go home and take care of themselves without constant supervision, you can resume your normal lifestyle. This may be costly if insurance won't help to cover the costs.

Can You Get an In-Home Nurse?

If you can't keep your spouse at the hospital or at an in care facility, get an in-home nursing professional to come by the house while you're at work. They can do the following:

  • Check the surgery location
  • Help with rehabilitation
  • Distribute medications
  • Bathe the patient and change wound dressings

There are so many different things that the nurse can help with, and they can help your spouse while you are at work throughout the day.

These are the options you want to price out and look into before you spouse heads into surgery, so you can plan your work and vacation time around the upcoming procedure. With these different options it should be easier for them to get the care they need after they come out of surgery, and when they are ready to return home. For more ideas, talk to a nursing institution like Ameristaff Nursing Services.