Four Tips To Use When Taking Your Autistic Child To The Doctor

When you have an autistic child, it can sometimes be difficult to get them the care that they need because they do not feel comfortable with many people. It is important to take the time to find your child a doctor who specializes in the care of autistic children. The following guide walks you through a few things to ensure your child feels comfortable when they have to go to see the doctor:

Choose a Doctor with a Welcoming Waiting Room

When your child walks into the waiting room of the doctor's office, you want them to feel welcome and comfortable right away. A waiting room that has televisions showing children's shows, magazines that cater to children, and toys in the room can help to make your child feel safe and comfortable.

Ensure You Can Talk to the Doctor

Autistic children often interrupt during conversations accidentally because they do not realize someone else is having a conversation. In order to ensure that you can have a conversation with the doctor, it is best to ensure that your child can be entertained when you talk to the doctor about any concerns you have regarding your child.  Bring something for your child to focus on during the appointment. They may enjoy playing on a tablet, reading a book, or drawing while you talk to the doctor.

Speak in Gentle Terms so that Your Child Does Not Think You Are Speaking Poorly of Them

Many parents make the mistake of thinking that their child is not listening to what they are saying to the doctor, but that is not the case at all. Most children listen to every word that parents say and may feel offended if they think the terms you are using are derogatory or hurtful. It is best to say things in a positive way so that your child does not feel that you are speaking poorly of them.

Let Your Child Talk to the Doctor

There are some autistic children who can tend to ramble. Some parents try to stifle them because they do not want them to take up a lot of the doctor's time, but that is never a good idea. Your child needs to feel safe with the doctor and feeling comfortable enough to talk to them is important.

Be sure to talk to your child after the doctor's appointment to help them realize that it was not scary or painful. This will help to reiterate that doctors are safe to see and will help your child when needed. This can make taking them to the doctor easier in the future. Contact a medical office like Rural Health Services Consortium Inc. for more information and assistance.