Troubles With Your Hearing Aids? 4 Signs It's Time For New Ones

If you wear hearing aids, it might be time for a change. Many people keep their hearing aids far longer than they should. If you can't remember the last time you got new hearing aids, it's time to talk to your doctor about new ones. However, that's not the only reason you should consider a change. Here are four additional reasons it might be time for new hearing aids.

1. Your Current Hearing Aid Is Outdated

If you received your current hearing aids prior to the advent of new technology, you owe it to yourself to talk to your doctor about an upgrade. New technology makes it easier for you to hear. With new hearing aids, you may find that you've been missing out on some of the sounds in your life. If you've had your hearing aids for more than five years, talk to your doctor about an upgrade.

2. Your Hearing Has Changed

If your hearing has changed over the years, you need new hearing aids. If you haven't had your hearing tested in a few years, pay attention to the sounds around you. If you're adjusting the volume on your hearing aids more often than you used to, or the volume is up as far as it will go, and you're still having trouble hearing, it's time to discuss new devices with your doctor. It's also a good idea to have your hearing tested again.

3. Your Hearing Aid Doesn't Fit Right

If your hearing aids no longer fit in your ears properly, you need to talk to your doctor. Your hearing aids should fit snugly so that they don't fall out. However, they shouldn't fit so snugly that moisture has a chance to build up in your ears. If your hearing aid is constantly falling out of your ear, or it suddenly fits too snugly in your ear, it's time for new hearing aids.

4. You've Changed Insurance Carriers

If you've changed insurance carriers since you got your current hearing aids, it's time to discuss a new option. You're entitled to a new hearing aid exam each time you change insurance carriers. Not only that, but your current insurance may also provide coverage for an updated model. Contact your doctor and have them take a look at your new insurance coverage. You may be entitled to new hearing aids that will enhance your hearing.

Don't settle for old, outdated hearing aids. If any of the situations described above apply to you, talk to your hearing aid services as soon as possible.