4 Ways To Use Coolsculpting To Reshape Your Figure

Coolsculpting is an affordable and popular option to eliminate unwanted areas of fat. The steady, natural-looking results achieved with this procedure can reshape your body in various ways.

Chest Reduction

Although most cosmetic procedures are discussed as they relate to women, men can benefit from procedure. The development of breast tissue or accumulation of fat in the chest can give the unwanted look of breasts. Although weight loss, if applicable, may be helpful, the problem may not resolve completely. Additionally, men who workout and enhance their chest muscles may find more muscle only makes their "breasts" more obvious. The procedure can be used to reduce unwanted fat in the chest. Over time, the underlying muscle will become more obvious and give you a masculine chest.

Buttocks Enhancement

Improving the look of your buttocks can be done with regular exercises to increase your glutes or in extreme cases, cosmetic surgery. Making your buttocks look curvier is more than increasing the size, it also involves the surrounding areas. If you have fat accumulation in the lower-back and upper-thigh, this can obscure the projection of your buttocks. Using Coolsculpting to reduce the fat in these areas will make your buttocks have more projection and can help create the illusion of a dramatic curve in the lower-back.

Back Smoothing

A problem many people face is having back rolls or simply being less lean in their upper-back than they want. Even without obvious back rolls, bras can make this area look dramatically worse. Reducing fat in the upper-back can make your bras look better so they do not create new lines and bulges. Additionally, with a smoother back, you may feel more comfortable wearing backless shirts and dresses without a shrug or other cover-up. Some people who want a smoother back will also want their sides treated since bras may create bulging near the armpit.

Thigh Thinning

Some people want a "thigh gap" whereas other people simply want to reduce issues with their thighs rubbing together. Reducing the amount of fat in the inner-thigh can make wearing dresses and skirts more comfortable because you have fewer issues with chaffing. Additionally, people who are highly-active may find they can feel comfortable in activewear, such as shorts or thinner leggings, without any self-consciousness related to their thighs jiggling during workouts. Reducing fat in your inner-thigh area can also improve the overall look of your legs, especially if you tend to accumulate fat in the inner portion of your thigh more so than the outer-thigh.

Coolsculpting can be used on various areas of the body to achieve the figure you want. If you want results without the expense and downtime of surgery, this is the right procedure for you.