3 Ways PRP Therapy Can Work on Your Weight

Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP therapy) is a very promising procedure that could have several practical applications regarding your health. It's already used in many healing treatment programs for athletes, and while the technique is still somewhat experimental, it's been showing fairly positive results for many people. Some of the results are not direct effects but secondary effects as the therapy helps another aspect of your health. This makes sense when you see how the therapy affects issues like your weight.

Helping Injuries Heal Faster

PRP therapy is not actually used for direct weight loss. However, it can be used to help conditions that may affect your weight. For example, right now a popular use of PRP therapy is to help injuries heal, from skin ulcers to joint pain. If you've had these problems dogging you for a while, you might not have been able to exercise or even move around as much as you've wanted to. With faster healing times, you could get back to your exercise routine. And no matter how controversial the "diet or exercise for weight loss" issue is, exercise does burn some calories and affect your metabolism. So, PRP therapy helps your recovery, which in turn helps your weight.

Rejuvenating Skin for a Smoother Appearance

PRP therapy is part of the "vampire facial" that so many people seem to be getting nowadays. The therapy is supposed to stimulate collagen growth and help tighten and smooth your skin. This can give you the appearance of having lost a bit of weight in your face. While PRP therapy won't burn off fat in your cheeks, if you can make your skin look less saggy, then it can look like there is less fat even though the amount hasn't actually changed.

Possible Pancreatic Stimulation and Blood Glucose Reduction

These are experimental only, but researchers are looking at whether PRP therapy can help reduce blood glucose levels and stimulate insulin production. Some results show that at least blood glucose levels in diabetics may be reduced, and this has future implications for weight control. However, keep in mind that these uses are experimental only and still lab-based. However, there may be practical uses in the future.

Meanwhile, you can take advantage of PRP therapy for vampire facials and injury recovery. Speak with your doctor (regarding injury recovery using the therapy) and then look for experienced therapists at reputable centers and arrange for a consultation.