Awkward Prostate Moments And What It Means For Your Health

Males have their awkward moments in puberty, but they have equally awkward situations later in life as well. It helps to stay informed about genital issues so that you do not feel quite so uncomfortable when these things occur. The following examples are awkward prostate moments and what these moments mean to your health. 

Your Sexual Partner(s) Feel(s) Something Large and Lumpy Behind Your Scrotum

During intimate moments where your partner explores your genitals, he or she may find a lump behind your scrotum and in front of your anus. If the lump is really pronounced, it may even hurt a little and possibly kill the mood for you both.

A rectal digital exam may reveal that you have an enlarged prostate, which could be cancer or BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). Your urologist can insert a needle into this lump to take a sample for biopsy and discover whether it is cancer or just BPH. 

You May Have Incredible Discomfort During Anal Sex

One of the biggest reasons why some men enjoy receiving anal sex is because it applies pressure on the prostate, which in turn increases the length of time they remain erect and produces a more intense orgasm. However, if your prostate is enlarged, receiving anal sex does not feel good anymore.

It may feel incredibly uncomfortable, like intense downward pressure in your lower abdomen and pelvic floor, and/or it may be extremely painful, depending on how large your prostate has grown. If it is not cancer, there are drugs you can take to shrink the prostate and help you return to a more active and enjoyable sex life. 

You May Have to Take Frequent Breaks to Urinate

Taking frequent bathroom breaks at night is bothersome enough for most men. Having to take frequent breaks during sex is even more frustrating because you have to relax the penis to urinate, and then you have to re-arouse the penis for sex.

In some men, an enlarged prostate may even cause erectile dysfunction, making sex difficult or impossible. All of the urination breaks while trying to have sex becomes embarrassing because it frustrates your partner, too. Getting proper diagnosis and treatment for your prostate, regardless if that means chemotherapy or drugs for BPH, will definitely help in this department. 

See Your Urologist as Soon as Possible

If you experience any of the above moments, see your doctor right away. He or she can run vital tests to rule out cancer. If it is cancer, then you can start treatment right away. If you are experiencing BPH symptoms, your doctor may simply monitor your condition or prescribe medications to help shrink your enlarged prostate.