When Is Medically Supervised Weight Loss a Good Idea?

If you want to lose weight, you eat less and exercise more, right? In theory, this is correct. However, there are some situations in which you should also seek out a doctor's supervision when attempting to lose weight, rather than simply going it on your own. What are those situations? Take a look.

1. When you're trying to lose more than 50 pounds.

Most people can safely lose up to 50 pounds on their own with a smart diet and exercise plan, but if you want to lose much more than that, then it's a good idea to enroll in some type of medically supervised weight loss program. Losing a large amount of weight often requires a very calorie-restricted diet, and the diet must be nutritionally balanced so that you do not develop any other health issues. It's also easier to stay motivated through what will probably be a long weight loss journey when you have professionals guiding you and cheering you on.

2. When you've had weight loss surgery in the past.

You need to work with a doctor if you had weight loss surgery in the past, lost weight, gained the weight back, and now want to lose the weight again. You probably have to follow some specific dietary guidelines and restrictions because of the surgery you had, and a doctor can help you design a meal plan that will help you lose weight while also adhering to these standards.

3. When you've been diagnosed with diabetes.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, then it's a good idea to have a doctor supervise your weight loss. You need to be careful of your blood sugar levels when dieting. You may need to adjust your insulin use. A doctor can guide you in creating a diet plan that helps you lose weight without causing any diabetes-related side effects.

4. When you have a past of eating disorders.

If you have ever been diagnosed with an eating disorder or have had trouble with restrictive eating in the past, then dieting may trigger some of those past behaviors. It's a smart idea to enroll in a medically supervised weight loss program with doctors and therapists who are familiar with eating disorders and who will recognize if your weight loss efforts are beginning to trigger unhealthy behaviors.

Medical weightloss services can be a good choice for many people. Consider enrolling in one of these programs if you fall into any of the categories above.