8 Ways To Take Care Of Your Medical Scrubs & Make Them Last

When you have to wear medical scrubs daily, you want your scrubs to last. You do some serious work when you are wearing scrubs, and they can wear down easily over time due to all the work you do. That is why it is so essential to understand how to take good care of your scrubs and keep them sanitary. 

Way #1: Pre-Treat Your New Scrubs

When you get new scrubs, you are going to want to pre-treat them. To pre-treat your scrubs, you will want to take your scrubs, place them in a tub or bowl of cold water, and then mix some vinegar in with the solution. This will help the color in the scrubs set and will help prevent the color from fading over time as you wash and wear your scrubs.

Way #2: Wash Your Scrubs Alone

Next, you should not wash your scrubs with your other laundry. You do your dirty work in your scrubs, and you shouldn't be washing them with your regular clothing or towels. You will want to wash your scrubs on their own to ensure that they are sanitized for the medical environment you work in.

Way #3: Treat Stains Before Washing

When you work, stains may develop on your scrubs. Before you wash your clothing, you will want to apply a color-safe stain remover to your scrubs. This will help to remove and lift away any stains from your scrubs without leaving behind any worn-out spots on your scrubs. You want your scrubs to maintain a professional appearance.

Way #4: Wash in Two Cycles

Your scrubs are clothing that you wear in a medical environment, which means that they need to be washed differently. You should wash all your scrubs two times. The first time you are washing your scrubs, and the second, you are sanitizing your scrubs.

Way #5: Wash the First Time to Clean Your Scrubs

The first time you wash your scrubs, you should turn them inside out. You are going to want to wash your scrubs with cold water and use some regular detergent. Make sure your scrubs have space to move around; don't overpack the load. This is to give your scrubs a general cleaning.

Way #6: Wash the Second Time to Sanitize Your Scrubs 

After the first wash, check and see if any stains remain. If they do, treat them again. Next, wash your scrubs for the second time. When you wash your scrubs the second time, you will want to use color-safe bleach and hot water. This time, you are sanitizing your scrubs. This will effectively kill any germs that got on your scrubs and will effectively prepare your scrubs to be used in a medical environment again.

Way #7: Dry on High Heat

When you dry your scrubs, you are going to want to dry them on the highest heat setting possible on your unit. This will kill any bacteria or germs that are still on your scrubs due to your work environment.

Way #8: Hot Iron Your Scrubs

Finally, you should hot iron your scrubs. This will give your scrubs a professional appearance. This is also another way to kill bacteria on your scrubs.

If you want your scrubs to last for a while and be sanitary at the same time, you need to follow the steps above in regards to taking care of your scrubs. By treating and washing your medical scrubs right, you will get lots of usage out of them and keep them free of harmful bacteria and germs that can be picked up in a medical setting.