Advantages Of EO Sterilization For Medical Devices

Regardless of what type of medical products your company makes, they have to be sterilized thoroughly before they go out for shipment. It's an important safety and regulatory measure to comply with, which you can do effectively with EO (ethylene oxide) sterilization. Here are some advantages it offers over other methods.


You wouldn't want to put a medical device through a sterilization process only for it to corrode soon after. That would cause severe product damage in most cases and make it to where you have to scrap the product entirely. With EO sterilization, you can ensure your devices remain untouched by corrosive substances.

It will be a completely safe process, regardless of what medical devices need to go through sterilization prior to being shipped out to clients. Whether you have devices made out of plastic or metal, they will absorb the ethylene oxide without experiencing hardly any type of damage. 

Support Devices with Hard-to-Reach Areas

If you make medical devices with areas that are hard to reach by hand, then you need to be careful about the sterilization process you choose. You need a method that can cover every area effectively so that there isn't any surface that gets left untreated.

You can look forward to these results when you rely on EO sterilization. It involves a controlled chamber, which your devices are put in, and then ethylene oxide is sent through. It will trickle over all areas of your medical devices for a thorough process you can count on.

Large Chamber Capacity 

As mentioned earlier, EO sterilization makes use out of a chamber that supports both your medical devices and ethylene oxide. These chambers can be customized to be rather large, which is great if you're looking to sterilize several medical devices at one time.

You can remain efficient in your sterilization methods because you won't have to keep repeating the same process over and over. Only a couple of sterilization procedures may be needed to have a large quantity of medical devices sterilized. Then you can get these products ready for shipment a whole lot faster, potentially saving you money as a result.

If you want to ensure your medical devices are sterile before being used by clients, such as at hospitals, you need to pick a sterilization method. EO sterilization has a lot of amazing attributes that can lead to more effective sterilization results that are convenient to achieve each time. Keep these tips in mind as you look for EO device sterilization services.