Medical Gas Outlet Supplies To Keep For Home Health

In most cases, you will not need to make many changes to your home for your loved one to enter home health care. Items such as their hospital bed may be provided by hospice or the home health care company you choose. However, there are some supplies you will need to keep on hand. If your loved one is on oxygen or another similar device, they may need to have a medical gas outlet installed. If one has been or will be installed, there are some supplies you should keep on hand. Here are those supplies and what to know about each one. 

Oxygen Hoses

Oxygen is the most common medical gas need for home health residents. If you have had an outlet installed in the home, then your loved one likely need oxygen fairly often if not all the time. This means you should ensure you have the right hoses on hand just in case there is a break or leak in the hose line you currently have. These hoses are fairly common and can be purchased from your medical gas outlet supply company or online as well. They do not require special licenses to purchase and can be bought a few at a time to ensure you always have a backup in storage. 


With any type of medical gas, you will likely have a flowmeter. Flowmeters help to show how much oxygen is being given through the outlet, to the hose, and to your loved one. You can adjust the flowmeter depending on the amount of oxygen that your loved one needs at any given time during the day or night. There are times when the flowmeter may not work properly. In order to watch and adjust the flow, you will need that meter working. Having at least one of these on hand is vital for the proper oxygen intake of your loved one. 


There are some accessories that you should also keep as part of your medical gas supplies. Medical gas covers, such as oxygen tank covers, can help protect the oxygen tanks as they are in use. They can also mark the tanks so they are easy to spot by the home health staff coming into the area for the first time or as part of an emergency response.  

These are just a few of the supplies for a medical gas outlet that you should keep on hand. Remember, if you are dealing with more than a simple hose change you should always call your medical gas outlet supply contractor. They can send someone over to the home to professionally handle the supply change out or other issues you may be having.