First Visit With A New Virtual Doctor? Here Is What You Need To Know

Virtual doctor visits are an option that an increasing number of people are using. It is an ideal situation for people who may be housebound or may need to avoid paying high costs for transportation. Many companies are now offering these virtual visits giving you multiple options instead of limiting you to one physician. If you are considering a virtual doctor's visit with someone that is not your normal physician or office, there are some things you should know first.

Specialty Needs

The first thing you need to know about virtual visits is what they cover. Some of the national companies offering virtual visits only cover specific issues while others may cover specialty needs. For example, you may see many virtual services offering anxiety and depression treatment. Others are popular for offering visits dealing with insomnia, IBS, and related issues. If you have a specialty need, you will need to make sure that it is covered under the services offered by the virtual doctor of your choice. 

Pre-Existing Conditions

If you have a pre-existing condition, your issue with virtual services may come down to the types of medication you can have prescribed from the virtual physician service. For example, if you have depression and anxiety and are on specific medication for it, make sure that medication is covered. In general, narcotic level medications may or may not be covered. Also, specific dosages may not be covered depending on the issue you are facing. A list of prescription drugs offered by the service should be listed on their site or through a live chat to a customer service agent. 

Prescription Pain Medications

Pain medications and prescriptions for those medications may be difficult when it comes to virtual services. There is a cut-off for some of the pain medications depending on their registered federal narcotic level of the drug. In general, you may find the higher the pain medication level, the less likely they will offer it directly. Do not give up on the virtual service. Keep in mind many will simply have you visit a local doctor and have the prescription transferred or may require you have the prescription called in to a local pharmacy rather than shipped to you. 

If you are ready to schedule your first virtual visit with your new physician, contact the office or go through their app. You can schedule the appointment and with some services, you can get an appointment on the same day. Keep in mind, you will need to check to ensure your virtual doctor visit accepts your insurance.